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The Trainer Life

There is a new Orange Theory Fitness studio opening in Midtown Manhattan and I’m excited to be a apart of the opening and helping the students start off on the right foot.
This has possibly been one of the best experiences of my life. I love food shopping for healthy food, and helping to spread the wealth of health to those looking to engage in a healthier life style. And thanks to Orange Theory Midtown in NYC, they helped me facilitate these two passions of mine. I was able to walk around the Whole Foods at Bryant park in NYC and give the members helpful tips about how to stay healthy and get the most out of their orange theory experience because a workout is only half the battle.
Proper nutrition is imperative to a health and fitness regimen. I’m a big promoter of volumetric eating. I’m all about low…

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Smile More!

Happy Wellness Wednesday my beautiful followers! Is it bad I still have to sound Wednesday and I’m a senior in college? Anyway, for this weeks post I want to talk about the topic of smiling. 

You know those times where you feel like nothing is going right? Smile. Those times when you think you’re down to your last ounce of energy? Smile. In those times you are your weakest learn how to smile. 

Smiling can boost your mood so much. If you can’t think of a reason to smile, find one! Go look at cute puppies on instagram (always gets me) go buy a new lipstick! Anything. In the time it takes you to do those things you’ll find all those worries have slowly melted away. 

Smile at other people. We have become so consumed in our own lives we forget that other people are going through things as well. Smiling can cause a change reaction and it can begin with you. 

I hope this encouraged you this morning. 

With love, 

Jessica Noelle 

Summa Summa Time!

Hola everyone!

I know that I have been MIA her on my blog and I am so so sorry for that. I really do love blogging but I just seem to not make time for it and I don’t know why! But, I think I have a resolution for that.

If you did not know I am starting to make cooking videos on my channel and I would love to incorporate that onto my blog. Maybe I could do food post along with the videos and even some extra post of things I just like to make? If you guys would like that let me know! I also want to start doing more just regular blog posts. OOTD’s, vacation post anything that is truly me. I miss sharing my life through words and not just videos. I want another outlet to connect with you guys!

I hope you understand and join me on my journey. Love you all!.

x’s and o’s,

Jessica Noelle

New Videos!

Hi Guys!

Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a wonderful week! I just wanted to update you guys on my videos that I posted this past week if you missed them!

The first of course is my Plan With Me. I just love filming these. It is one of my favorite hobbies so getting to share it with you is super fun. Check out that video here!

And for my other video of the week I uploaded my favorite drugstore lashes. My drugstore videos are some of my most watched so I loved filming this video for you girls! Let me know what other types of videos you want to see. I am filming everyday this week because it is my spring break! Hope you’ll stay tuned to see some new content on my channel! Watch the drugstore lashes video down below.

Thank you for reading!

x’s and o’s,

Jessica Noelle

Wellness Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day y’all!

Does anyone else feel like this week is taking forever to end!? I can not believe it is only Wednesday. But anyway to the point of this post!

Have you been going through it recently? Stress at work? You relationship isn’t where it used to be? Money is tight? If you’re just generally tired I completely understand!

The quote for this week is to “Grow through, what you go through.” This can be applied to anything you are currently going through. The struggles in life are only there to make you stronger and come out a better version of you! What would like be like without struggles? You wouldn’t love anything as much because you did not have to work to get there!

And, often things do not work out so better things can fall in place. Let God (or whatever you believe in) work in your life, you’ll never see what is coming!

Have a good rest of your week friends. Don’t let the struggle stunt your progress! Also do not forget to check out my instagram where I post all of my planner, youtube and blog related stuff!

Thank you for reading,

x’s and o’s

Jessica Noelle

New Videos!

Hi Guys!

Happy Weekend. Hope you had a wonderful week. I decided instead of posting on here every time I upload I will do two weekly post. One for my wellness wednesday’s, which I do over on my instagram! @everythingjessicanoelle

I enjoy doing those post so much and they are really well recieved by my followers. I would love if you went over there and followed me! But, anyway getting back to this week’s videos. I of course posted my weekly plan with me, which have been getting quite a few views! I really enjoy sitting down and filming those each week and I am happy that those videos are also helping my channel grow. On Friday, I posted my updated hair care routine video showing you all my new hair cut! I am absolutely obsessed with it and it makes me feel so much lighter and happy. I say if you have been debating cutting your hair DO IT!

I hope you guys are enjoying my videos and my posts. I really enjoy doing this and I hope you enjoy watching me on my journey!

Talk to you soon,

x’s and o’s,

Jessica Noelle

P.S. Check out my new videos down below and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

I suck at blogging!

Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry I have been neglecting my blog! With my new instagram, school, work and life. I haven’t been keeping you all up to date on my videos. But! I have been consistently uploading if you missed it!

I hope you all bear with me as I get my life together. I’ll link my channel down below so you can catch up on my latest videos. I have been uploading plan with me’s every Monday, as well as lifestyle videos on Friday’s!

I am so excited to also announce that I will also start doing cooking videos in the upcoming weeks. I can’t wait to share another passion of mine with you all.

Hope you all have a happy Monday and an awesome start to your week.

Talk to you soon,

x’s and o’s,

Jessica Noelle